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This is your one-stop guide to learning Hypertext Markup Language, which acroynm for it is HTML which is known world- wide. This site disclaims that all information will be taken from different sources but will rephrase them for easy understanding through this website, to be able to allow HTML learners to pick up the usage of HTML fast, and at their finger tips: web designing tutorials and resources such as Photoshop brushes, textures, fonts and patterns will be taught here as well. As for photo editing, it will be taught at it's simplicity with only screenshots with the use of paint only, for those who don't have photoshop- It'd be totally much easier to create! and of course what you shall be learning are some basics like using photoshop brushes in paint :D Broadway Paradise will educate you to use style type css instead to do the webpage design and boxes instead of tables which are practically overly hard to do. Firstly there are a few rules you have to adhere to

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